System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

Team: Rasmussen Last Updated Oct 14, 2020 at 10:51
Players: Maxim Silin - Carrie Liu

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1C= Strong, 16+ or distributional equivalent; ART responses, Optional relays after positives
1H = 8+, UNBAL with 4+ in a black suit
1S = 8+ BAL
1N = 8+, 5+H
2C = 8+, 5+D, 0-3S
From 2D up: semi-positive transfers with good suits

1D= 10-15, 0+D

1H - 1S = Natural, non-forcing, Up to INV.
1M - 2C: Artificial, any GF hand, Relays
1H - 2D and 1S - 2H = ART, bad (>9 losers) M raise or any invite
1S - 2D = 5+ H and less than INV or 4+H invitational

1N is dependent on sit and vulnerability:
1-2 sit: NV = 10-12 VUL: 13-15
3rd sit: NV:10-15 (system off). VUL: 13-15, UNFAV: 14-16
4th sit: 11-15 (system off NV)

NV weak 2D-2S are very aggressive: 3-9, 5 cards is expected, could be any suit quality and side shape

In competition we use transfers, normally starting from 2NT

General Bidding Style

Precision, Variable NT,1D =0+D. Many ART GF and INV sequences. Relays in GF actions.
Bidding style, especially preempts strongly depending on vulnerability: from anything goes NV to solid preempts based on losing trick count UNFAV
HPC is just a guide. We tend to follow K&R for hand evaluation. Frequent upgrades, less frequent downgrades (mostly “quacky” 4333)
NV we open most 10 HCP and may open lighter with distribution.
VUL we tend to open 11+ balanced , may be lighter with distribution and chunky suits
Many decisions are based on losing trick count.
Our responses could be very light

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. NT:4th best, but often lead high or second high from bad 4+ card suits.
Vs. suits: 4th best, from xxx (x) we normally lead low, however high might be led to emphasis suit quality
Both: STD honor combination, A from AK

Defensive Signals

Standard count and suit preference, UD attitude
On opening lead we signal std attitude.
Exception: On A/K lead on 5 level or higher and against DBL contract on 4+ L
In the middle of the hand we usually signal UD attitude or SP.
If we chose to give count it's STD present count in a suit.
We give SP in trumps when we can, including on opening lead
Special carding in our 5+ suits: Hi/Lo = SP, middle = encouragement