System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

Team: Baker Last Updated Apr 22, 2019 at 13:45
Players: Anne Brenner - David Caprera

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1C=16+ HCP Precision
1D=could be 2 or rarely a singleton K
2C=precision style with 6+C's
2D=precision style 3 suited with short D's

General Bidding Style

Precision-Meckwell Light style
2/1 GF over major openings:
-2C response could be as short as 2 and opener rebids with transfers
-rebid M by opener shows 6+ length
-2NT by opener can be unbalanced as 3m shows 5-5
1M-3m and 1S-3H=GI
Occasionally open 1D or 1M with 9-10 HCP if good suits and shape
May open 1NT with singleton K or with 13 HCP

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

-4th best versus NT (second card in suit is lowest card remaining, but is suit preference if length is known), second highest from three or more spot cards but highest from equals and top from 3 low cards. Lead low from 3 or 4th from 4+ low cards if leader has not supported partner’s suit but highest affordable from 3 low and 2nd highest or top of sequence from 4+ low if supported.
-Against notrump we play Rusinow (not in partner’s suit or a side suit if having preempted) at trick one from length of 4 or more, but Q from KQx (not in partner’s suit.) K is a power card (unblock (10 or higher) or upside down count.). Second round higher honor leads (Q followed by K, J followed by Q etc.) do not ask for unblock.
-3rd from even and low from odd versus suits (including raises). After 3rd best, second card in suit is lowest card remaining, but is suit preference if length is known.
-Against suits we play Rusinow honor leads at trick one including at the 5 level or higher or if opponents preempted (not in partner’s suit or a side suit if having preempted) with subsequent honor leads standard. Small from Jx, Qx, or Kx against slam.
-After trick one, fourth best from an honor in a new suit and original fourth best when returning the suit. Without an honor we lead the highest card we can afford.

Defensive Signals

-Upside down count and attitude (if 1st card is not count, subsequent play in the same suit is standard count; suit preference standard). Also, unblocking plays take precedence over upside down carding as necessary. No trick 1 exception.
-Vs. suits: If opponents preempt or we are at 5+ level, opening lead of K or Q asks for upside down count and lead of A asks attitude if needed. Subsequent honor leads are standard and ask for upside down count. When dummy has Qxx+ (and not at 5+ level or after opponent’s preempt) we play low from doubleton and high from everything else but if it cannot be a doubleton we give count.
-Reverse Smith Echo versus NT (low from both sides is “like”; only if attitude isn’t known at trick one and count not needed in their suit.)
-Count in trump suit may be suit preference.
-Priority is attitude, count, suit preference. But “I will tell you what you need to know.”
-2nd hand splits high from equals (same card you would lead or discard.)
-Against suits, if dummy has a singleton or opener has a known singleton, third hand may play suit preference with a middle card encouraging or no preference trick 1 only. After trick one give attitude regarding suit.