System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

Team: Baker Last Updated Aug 24, 2020 at 10:38
Players: Lynn Baker - Karen McCallum

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2NT Opening = 3-13 hcp OR strong (GF); 5+/5+ minors (if the "weak" version, 3-9 NV, stronger at Unfavorable, and in 4th seat)
Our 2C response to 1M opening is NAT and F1, May occasionally be 2+C in a balanced hand with no convenient bid. 1M-2C-2D is usually natural but may be a hand with no descriptive rebid (only 5 Ms, unstopped side suit(s)).

Over your Weak 1NT, or in balancing seat after your Strong 1NT, or by a Passed Hand after your 1NT:
Our 2C = both majors
Our 2D = one major
Our 2M = natural with a minor

Over your Strong 1NT (direct seat):
our X = D + H OR C + S
our 2C = C + H OR D + S

General Bidding Style

Aggressive Openings, Overcalls & Preempts. Open balanced 10 nv. Open most 6&7 loser hands with less than 10. May open semi-balanced 10 Vul.
Any action may be lighter than "Standard"
Variable NT: 10-12 (NV, 1st & 2nd seats; 5-cd major frequent); 14-16 (3rd seat; 5-cd major frequent); 15-16 (4th seat; 5-cd major frequent).
5-cd major (occasional 4's; frequent 4's in 3rd seat)
Wide Range Preempts - 0-15 depending upon position and vulnerability (may be heavy facing PH). Anything goes in 3rd seat.
NV Wk 2's are usually 5-cd suits, 3-9 hcp, no shape or suit quality requirements. NV pass tends to deny 5-cd D/H/S suit (5 clubs still possible). 0-2 hcp will pass with 5-cd suit.
Unfavorable "Preempts" are strong suits, intermediate playing strength (based on loser-count) - maybe up to 15-16 hcp
Responder rarely passes the opening bid.
Opening bids may be very strong if two-suited or 5431 or 4441.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. Suits: 3rd/Low, A from AK (Exceptions: K at 5-level, in partner's suit, or shifting to singleton)
High from xxx(x) in partner's raised suit
From Interior Sequence: 3rd from even, 2nd from odd.

Vs. NT: Attitude leads; high, or 2nd high, from bad suits; Rusinow (except in partner's suit), Strong King (asks unblock or count), Ace asks attitude; 3rd best in partner's suit

Usually attitude. Occasional count (low from odd, high from even). J,T or 9 may be 0 or 2 higher if needed.

Defensive Signals

Standard signals.
Primarily Signal is Attitude (Obvious Shift at T1)
Possible Suit preference early, when attitude is known
Rarely signal count. When necessary, highest from even, lowest from odd.
Odd-Even 1st discard, only if needed (does not apply in previously played suits).
Possible suit-preference in trumps
Smith Echo vs. NT
Q or J may be Alarm Clock

Basic Philosophy: "Tell partner what she needs to know." Avoid signalling unless necessary.
Frequent early signals (particularly at T1), otherwise infrequent. No signals at all if we judge that we don't need them. Usually no signals vs. slams.