System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

Team: Kolesnik Last Updated Mar 15, 2021 at 14:04
Players: Phil Clayton - Andrew Gumperz

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

"Martian Standard"

Opening Bids:

1C is 11+ and a one round force. If balanced, it will contain 11-13, 17-19 or 22+, otherwise it will contain long clubs and an unbalanced hand.

1D / 1H and 1S are also a one round force, 13+ and will be unbalanced. We will shade the requirement if we hold a side major.

1N is 14-16 (1/2) and 15-17 (3/4).

2x = 10-13 and 5+ in suit.

3N is a good 4 of a major opening

Responses to be aware of:

1C - ?

1D / 1H = 4+ H or S.
1S = no major
1N = GF Quasi Relay
2m = invitational
2M = Reverse Flannery
2N = Both minors, less than invite

1D - ?

1H may be 3 cards if a very weak hand
1N GF Relay

1H - ?

1S = similar to a forcing NT
1N = Game forcing relay
2C = 5+S's and 4-9 points
2D = constructive raise

1S -

2C = game forcing relay
2D = 5+H's and 4-9 points
2H = constructive raise

Competitive Methods:

1. We use transfers in many competitive auctions
2. Over your natural 1m opening, we play overcall structure:

- Double = 15+ and usually balanced
- Jump Overcalls are two suited
- 1N is similar to a takeout x and may be lighter

3. Over your Precision 1D or Balanced or Polish club, we play: Double = majors, 1N = one minor, 2C = both majors, 2D = one major (less than opening hand), 2M = Opening hand. Pass and double shows strong NT +

4. Over your strong club we play Double = majors, 1D = hearts, 1H = spades, 1S = spades and minor, 1N = one minor, 2m = m + hearts.

5. Over your 1N opening we play Woolsey / Multi-Landy depending on range

General Bidding Style

Sound 1 and 2 bids in 1st and 2nd. in 3rd seat, 2x may be shaded. Preempts range from very light (1st / 3rd NV vs Vul) to very sound (2nd vul).

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Rusinow Leads vs suits (3+) and NT (4+). Spot leads are 3rd from even, low from odd vs suits and 2nd from bad suits and 4th otherwise vs NT.

In middle game, we playing Jack denies. Spot leads through dummy are 3rd / low and attitude through declarer.

Defensive Signals

Standard count, attitude and suit preference. Reverse Smith vs NT.

We tend to signal with count - unless partner leads an honor or the situation calls for it.

If we think we know enough about the hand, we will signal suit preference, or nothing at all.