System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

Team: Zhang Last Updated Jan 26, 2021 at 15:23
Players: Qiang Zhang - Weishu Wu - Peter Sun

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

1. 1M-2C could be artificial game forcing, with the exception of limit raise with 3 trump support

2. 1M-3m is reverse Bergen

3. 1m-2H is reverse Flannary and 1m-2S is constructive raise

4. (1N)-2D = one major

General Bidding Style

General approach is 2/1 with 15-17 1N (upgrades).

2NT in competition is often artificial.

Occasional very aggressive with 3rd seat
openings and overcalls.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Opening lead against suits: 3rd/5th, from AKx+, K for attitude, A for count. K for count at 5-level

Opening leads against NT: 2nd/4th from length. From 3 smalls, either top or 2nd. Ace or Q asks for unblocking or count

In the middle of hand, attitude is top priority, coded 10 or 9 unless HTx or H9x.

Defensive Signals

Upside-Down attitude/count, Standard Suit Preference. For remaining count, still upside down.

When partner leads, our priority is to give attitude, then count, then SP.

When following declarer's suit, we often false card, but we give count if we deem the info is useful to partner.

Reverse Smith vs. NT