System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

Team: Lo Last Updated Mar 15, 2021 at 16:37
Players: David Chechelashvili - Ahmed Soliman

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2D Multi = Weak Two bid in a major (3-9 pts, 5-card-suit OK) May be very aggressive, particularly at favorable vulnerability.

If 2nd hand passes, responder may pass. Non-vul can be done with any hand, Vul would indicate some diamonds

2D over 1NT = Major 1-suiter

2H/S = 6 or 7 H/S, approx 10-13 pts

1m-2H = Limit raise or BAL-INV, by UPH

1m-2S = Mixed raise (6-9 pts, 5+ fit) by UPH

1H-2S = Mixed raise (6-9 pts, 4+ fit) by UPH

Transfers after 1M-(X) starting from 1NT

General Bidding Style

5-Card Majors, semi-forcing NT,

1NT (14+-17)

We open 11 or 12 BAL, and 10-11 Unbalanced.

1M - 2C = 2+ Clubs a) GF or b) INV, 4crd fit, BAL (2D reply, ART)

1M -2x = Rebid of 2M shows 6+M and 14+pts (unless 6H4S – then 12+pts)

1M-2D & 1S-2H = 5+ GF

GAZILLI after 1M-1NT, 1H-1S

We open 1C with 3-3 in minors

We open 1C with 4-4 in minors and balanced (unless 3rd hand where we open with better minor)

1NT could have 5-card Major ONLY if 14-15pts.

May respond with very weak hand.

1 level overcalls 8+ HCP. 2-level sounder.

Preempts: wide range (could be good or bad)

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs NT: 4th best, 2nd or top from bad holdings

vs NT: 3rd/5th in partner's suit (unless raised, then top from 3 small)

vs NT: K is power lead and A asks for attitude.

vs NT: standard honor leads

vs suits: 3rd from even or three, lowest from odd, but will lead top from nothing in partner's raised suit. suit preference from known long suits (6-7 card preempts)

vs suits: A from AKx(+) except against 5-level or higher, or AK doubleton, or ready to switch to a side singleton.

Defensive Signals

Upside Down Count and Attitude Signals.

Signaling priority normally: Attitude, Count, Suit-Pref (may vary with logic).

Count in partner's suit if dummy wins trick-1 vs NT.

Suit preference when dummy has a singleton, middle is ambiguous (no clear preference) - unless necessity to tap dummy is obvious for both.

Suit-pref in trumps if we think pd needs it.