System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 JLall Online Teams #3

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Charley Seelbach-Blaine Mullins-Bernie Greenspan

Team: Bishel Last Updated Apr 2, 2021 at 12:20
Players: Bernie Greenspan - Fred Schenker

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

We play Polish Club

Our 1C opener may be:
1. A weak Nt hand, 11+ to 14hcp with as few as 2 clubs, but the only possible 5 card suit is clubs
2. A distributional hand with rebiddable Clubs and 11+ hcp
3. A hand with 18+ hcp and any distribution (we open all hands with 18+ hcp one club)
4. A 4414 hand with 11+ hcp and a singleton diamond or heart

Our 1D response to 1C may be:
1. A hand with 0-7hcp (but with 7 hcp and a 4 card major, we respond in the major)
2. 7-11 hcp distributional without a 4 card major

Our 2C opener shows both majors, 4-9hcp nv, 8-11 vul
Our 2D opener is 4-9hcp nv, 6-11hcp vul with a 6 card major
Our 2Major opener shows 5cards in the major and a 4+card minor. It is 4-9 nv and 6-11 vul
Our 2Nt opener shows 4-9hcp, 6-11vul and at least 5 cards in each minor

If we open 1 of a Major, our 2C response does not promise clubs and includes game forcing raises

General Bidding Style

Our general bidding style is: Polish Club

5 card Majors, 15-17 NT, 2/1 Forcing to game except when suit rebid.
We open balanced hands with 12 HCP and unbalanced hands with 10 or 11 HCP.
May respond with a very weak hand.
1 level overcalls light, 2 level overcalls tend to be sound.
5 card Majors. Our 1Nt response to 1H or 1S is not forcing
Hands with 18+ hcp are opened 1 club.
1D, 1H, 1S all limited to 17hcp

2/1 responses are game forcing except when opener and responder both rebid their suits
If we open 1 of a Major and the opponents double, we play transfer advances starting with 1Nt to 2C. Acceptance of the transfer is not mandatory.
If we overcall by bidding 1 of a Major and our opponent makes a negative double, we play transfer advances as above. In this case, redouble is a transfer to 1Nt

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. NT:4th best, but often lead high or second high from bad 4 or 5 card suits.
Vs. suits, 3rd from even, low from odd, but lead high from xxx in partnerís raised suit.
After the opening lead, we lead 4th best; often lead high without interest in having suit returned.

Vs Suits: A from AK except at the 5 level or higher.

On opening lead against Nt, Q asks unblock of J and A asks attitude, King asks count

Defensive Signals

Our defensive signaling philosophy is: UDCA
We play upside down count and attitude all the time.
Signaling priority is Attitude then Count then Suit Preference.
Count takes priority when dummy has Qxx(x).
SP when dummy's holding is very strong (NT) or dummy has a singleton (suit)
We give suit preference in the trump suit when we can
Reverse Smith vs NT: Low cards in declarer's first suit encourage the opening lead suit unless count is critical or our holding in opening lead suit is completely known.
When splitting honors, we play the second highest.

We do not always signal