System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 Senior USBC

Team: Bramley Last Updated May 15, 2020 at 02:14
Players: Kit Woolsey - Bart Bramley

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2D: Weak 2 in one of the majors (no strong options). May easily be 5-card suit, particularly non-vulnerable. May be very aggressive, particularly at favorable vulnerability.

If 2nd hand passes, responder may pass on "anything". Does not show or deny anything.

If 2nd hand doubles, pass by responder instructs opener to pass it out with 3+ diamonds if 4th seat passes.

2H: Like Precision 2D opener -- 11-15, short diamonds, no 5-card major, no 6-card club suit.

2S: Good 3D opener, just under or perhaps a minimal opening 1D bid. Sxx Hxx DAQJxxx CKxx is a good prototype.

2NT: Both minors, less than an opening bid. Assumed at least 5-5, but may take liberties at favorable vulnerability.

General Bidding Style

Generally open "all" 11+ point hands, can be lighter if distributional.

1C: Strong artificial, guideline of 16+ but may be lighter with appropriate shape. Relays when responder has a positive response.

1D: 2+ diamonds 11-15 HCP. If balanced, 11-13 vul 1/2 seat, 13-15 non-vul 1/2 seat.

1M: 5-card majors 1/2 seat

1NT: 10-12 1/2 seat non-vul. 14-16 1/2 seat vul. 15-17 3/4 seat

2C: 6+ clubs, 10-15, may have major

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. suits:

From AK(x), may lead either ace or king. Lead of ace asks for standard signal. King asks for suit-preference.

From interior sequence, lead 2nd highest (e.g. 9 from Q109x) with 3, 4, or 6-card suit. Lead top of interior sequence with 5-card suit.

Other honor leads standard.

3/5 spot card leads.

Vs NT:

Ace from AK and Rusinow. King is power lead.

Attitude leads.

In middle of hand, default meaning of shift is attitude.

Defensive Signals

At trick 1:

Vs. suits, suit-preference except on ace lead (and even then suit-preference if dummy has stiff, Kx, or KQx(x).

If not suit-preference, UDCA

Vs. NT:

UDCA (count or unblock on king lead) if partner has led an honor or is leading your suit. Otherwise, count if not attempting to win trick.

After trick 1: Upside-down count and attitude. Standard current count.

No Smith

Suit-preference in trumps.