System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 Open USBC

Team: Fleisher Last Updated Aug 30, 2021 at 20:58
Players: Chip Martel - Marty Fleisher

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2D opening is multi...very weak 2 in spades(3-8) or any weak 2 in hearts (5-10) . 5 cards suits are possible nonvul but almost never vul. 2D is passed when responder feels 2D may be best contract (or better than 2 of partner's major doubled).

Responses and competition:

2D-2M = Pass or correct (2S response does not promise hearts; may be club signoff)
-2N = Forcing enquiry
-3C = 5+H, INV or better hand.
-3D = 5+S, INV or better hand.
-3M = Pass or correct
-3N = To play
-4C = TRF into your suit
-4D=bid your suit
-4H = Pass or correct
-4S = To play
-4N = Blackwood
-5m = To play

2D-2S, 2N = bad hand w/H
3C = good hand w/H

In Competition

After double, system on (P=to play if opener has 3D), XX for escape into own suit. After 2,3,4M overcall double = pass or correct, 2N = game try. After other overcall, double = penalty, 3M or 4H is pass or correct.
2D P 2N 3any, double = hearts, P= spades,

Transfer Responses to 1C opening. 1D response = H, 1H response = S, 1S response denies a major (wide range of hands)...

Opener accepts transfer to major with 2-3 (4) of major and weak notrump. If opener rebids 1N it shows 17/18-19 balanced.
Opener's 2N jump rebids after opening a minor, shows 4 card raise with shortness.

1D-1M-Opener's rebids of 1N or 2C are tranfers . Also after 1H-1S transfer rebids.

General Bidding Style

5 card majors, semi-forcing NT, Eastern Scientific style. We open most balanced 12 pt. hands (vul) and most balanced 11 (NV), slightly lighter unbalanced. 1D opening almost always 5 and almost always unbalanced. 1C opened on almost all balanced opening bids without 5M. Might open 4 card majors in 3rd and 4th with lighter hands. Transfer Responses to 1C opening. Transfer rebids after 1D-1M and 1H-1S. 15-17 NT Opener Vul and 4th, otherwise 14-16.

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs. suits = 3rd and 5th, rusinow honors (not in partner's suit)
Vs. NT = 4th best (may lead higher with bad holding).
Rusinow, Ace from AK, King is strong lead. Vs. Both: Later in hand we lead attitude and J/T/9 = 0 or 2 higher in most situations.

Defensive Signals

Upside down signals. Attitude first, then suit preference, finally count. Suit preference in trumps. Suit preference if singleton is in dummy.
Smith echo by both hands.