System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 Open USBC

Team: Lo Last Updated Aug 24, 2021 at 16:44
Players: Bill Cole - Alan Schwartz

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

i minor-p-2 hearts
invitational balance 11-(12) hcp or
mix raise 8-10 hcp
strong jump shift in hearts

i minor-p 2 spades
invitational with 6 clubs or strong JS in spades

opponets open int-2D a major one suiter (multi)


General Bidding Style

2/1 standard system
14+-17 1NTopening (5 card majors frequent)
open 25% balance 11 hcp//10-11 hcp unbalanced
+1M-p-2c may be doubleton club
+open 1D 4-5 in minors
+one of minor denies 5 card major
+Our prempts very lite favorable soundish other vulnerbilities
+ Weak two five card suits N Vul
+ We treat 6 card minors 6-3-2-2 as balanced when opening the bidding

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

+ vs nt 4th best second from bad suits
Second best from four small
High or second from three small
low partners suit
A from a,K Vs No trump
+ vs suits 3rd and low
+ two or none higher opening lead and in middle of hand Vs suit and No trump

Defensive Signals

+VS suits upside down count and attitude
+signaling priority:attitude//count//suit preference

+vs no trump regular smith echoes
+ attitude at trick one
+ and upside down count and attitude

+ vs suit suit preference in trump suit
+ with singleton in dummy play suit preference