System Summary Form, 2022 JLall Online Teams #5

Team: Lo Last Updated Dec 24, 2021 at 01:34
Players: Li-Chung Chen - JoAnna Stansby

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

- Our 1C and 1D openings are mostly standard, except that we open 1C with 11-14 4=4=3=2 shape or with 18-19 balanced without a 5+ card major. 1D is 4+ but could be a balanced hand.
- We play transfer responses over our 1C opening. These are on over takeout double and mostly on by passed hand. Most of the responses typically deny a 4+ card major except 1D, 1H, 2C, or a fit jump by passed hand.
1C-(1D)-2H/2S = 5S with 4-5H (6-8 hcp, 9-11 hcp)

1C-1D = like a 1H response
1C-1H = like a 1S response
1C-1S = 4+C, many possible shapes(without a 4+ card major) and strengths, typically not suitable for another bid below
1C-1NT = 6-10 balanced, may have 4-5C if desired
1C-2C = 6+D less than invitational, or 5+D game force with possibly a 4 card major
1C-2D = 6+D invitational
1C-2H = invitational, balanced or 5+C
1C-2S = 5+C game force (fit jump by passed hand)
1C-2NT = balanced game force, not 15-17 (fit jump in hearts by passed hand)
1C-3C = 5+C weak (no game opposite 18-19 balanced)
1C-3D = splinter with H shortness, 15-17
1C-3H = splinter with S shortness, 15-17
1C-3S = splinter with D shortness, 15-17
1C-3NT = balanced game force, 15-17

General Bidding Style

- 2/1, 5 card majors, 14+ to 17 1NT
- 1C may be 2 only when 4=4=3=2 or with 18-19 balanced. 1D promises 4. 1D DOES NOT show an unbalanced hand.
- May open light 3rd seat, especially NV
- Fairly standard preempts/overcalls/opening style otherwise
- Frequently respond very light to 1-level openings

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

- Vs suit: 3rd/low, standard honor leads, A from AK except at 5+ level, with AK tight, or alarm clock
- Vs NT: 4th best, from 4+ worthless could lead 1st/2nd/4th depending, A asks for unblock or count

After Trick 1 vs suits and NT:
-spot card leads are usually attitude
-King asks for count, Ace/Queen for attitude.
-lead of 9/10 = 0/2 higher

Defensive Signals

- UDCA, UD discards
- Standard present count and SP
- General priority is att->count->SP
- Trump suit preference
- Reverse Smith Echo at trick 2 only (if applicable) vs NT

At trick 1 vs suit, third hand plays coded suit preference.
- 2, 3, 4 = low side suit, 2 most emphatic, 4 least
- 10, 9, 8 = high side suit, 10 most emphatic, 8 least
- 6, 7, 5 = no pref or continue, 6 most emphatic, 5 least
- J = signal for the suit where you don't have the right card to signal
- Queen+ = standard honor signal, sends no suit preference signal
Exceptions to s/p at trick 1:
On King lead vs 5+ level, if dummy has 2+ cards, then third hand gives count.
On Ace lead vs 1-4 level (i.e. normal A from AK lead), if it's possible for third hand to have a profitable ruff in the 3rd round of the suit, then third hand gives attitude.