System Summary Form (SSF), 2022 JLall Online Teams #5

Team: Lall Last Updated May 12, 2020 at 22:57
Players: John Diamond - Brian Platnick

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

2D = 10-15 HCP, short D (4315,3415,4414,4405)
1D-2H: less than inv with 5S's and 4 or 5H's
1D-2S: inv with 5S's and 4 or 5H's
1D-3C: less than inv with both minors
1D-(Dbl): Rdbl=H, 1H=S, 1S=NT, 2C=F1, 2D=NF, 2H = inv with 5S's and 4 or 5H's, 2S = inv+ with both minors, 2NT = less than inv with both minors, 3C = 6+D inv+
1D-(1H)-2H = 6+S any strength
1D-(2C)-2D/H/S are all transfers (competitive+) by UPH

General Bidding Style

1C strong = 16+ HCP
1D = 2+D 10-15 HCP
2C = 6+C 10-15 HCP
5-card Majors, 2/1 GF
1NT = 14 to 16 (Except 15 to 17 in 3rd vul, or 4th)
Balanced 10 or 11 point hands may be opened 1D or 1M
May respond to 1D or 1M with a very weak hand
1M (P) 2C could be a doubleton
1st seat NV vs V preempt can be light
When partner opens or overcalls 1M or 2M, and the next hand doubles (takeout, negative, support), we play transfers beginning with NT
Weak 2-Bids usually 6 card suits

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

vs NT:
Rusinow (from 4-card or longer suit) down to the 9-8 (8 from 98 or 87).
King asks for unblock or count.
Rusinow and King power lead do not apply vs slams, in partner's suit, in dummy's suit, or if opening leader has shown a 6-card suit and leads another suit.
4th best leads. Might lead 1st or 2nd from bad holding. Usually do not lead 2nd from 2 equal spots lower than the 9.
8 is ambiguous. 8 can be be 4th best, 3rd best (H98X), 2nd best (T8x or 98xx), or 1st best (87x or 8xx).
3rd/5th in partner's suit
Middle of hand leads: original 4th best with attitude considerations -- can lead original 5th best if attitude more important than count; 2nd and 4th when leading through declarer with nothing in dummy.

vs Suit:
4th best usually. 3rd/low in a raised suit. May lead high from 3+ small in a raised suit or if partner can infer length.
A from AKx usually. K from AKx if 5-level or higher, 3-level preemptor declaring, or partner has bid the suit.

Defensive Signals

Standard count, attitude, and suit preference
Primary signal: Attitude
Occasional suit preference in trumps
High-low in trumps by opening leader can mean that the opening lead was a singleton.
Tend to split with 2nd highest in 2nd seat from 2 equal, top in 2nd seat from 3 equal.
Smith Echo vs NT at trick 2 (high encourages opening lead suit), except if obvious count situation.