System Summary Form (SSF), 2022 JLall Online Teams #7

Team: Vance Last Updated Sep 3, 2022 at 07:40
Players: Bob Munson - Bruce Tuttle

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

(1any) 1M (Neg X): 1N natural; XX thru 2 under TRF, TRF to O's suit is 3 trump limit raise (or better - or (rare) strong hand without support); 2NT is 4+ limit raise (or better)
1M (X): 1N natural; XX thru 2 under our M TRF. 2NT is 4+ limit raise (or better); One under in both Artif. 7-9 raise;
P (P) 1M (X) TRF to 2C! is Reverse Fit Drury (3+ support)
Vs weak NT (or 1NT overcall) Modified Hamilton: X=penalty; 2C! relay to 2D! (showing either diamonds or major/minor); 2M to play
If we open weak (2x or 3x) or overcall with weak jump (2x or 3x) and it gets doubled: 2NT Ogust and 3NT natural. XX and all other bids are transfers (either to a real suit or lead directing). Raise promises no ace or king, TRF into partners suit promises ace or king. 4C is preemptor's Gerber: 0-1-1+Q-2-2+Q
After partner opens 1NT, holding 5M-5m with 7-8 points, Stayman then 2S shows spades+m; 2D is Jacoby then 2S shows hearts+m; 2NT asks

Puppet 3C responses: 3D shows no 5 card M without comment on 4 card majors; 3NT response to Puppet shows 4 card S and 5 card H

Responding 2C to 1NT when holding game values shows 8+ majors (or, rarely, 4M and 6+m). Therefore: 3M Smolen may be 3 or 4 long in bid M, 5+ in oM; 1NT-2C-2M-3NT shows 3 card M and 5 card oM; 1NT-Jacoby-2M-3NT shows fewer than 3 oM. Stayman with less than game values can be garbage or 2NT invite with or without 4 card major(s).

General Bidding Style

Usually 5 card Majors (1N Resp Semi-F, 5-11). 1NT 14+-17 (often with 5 card major, rarely 5422 or SING), 2/1 Forcing to game (2C suspect length)

3rd hand may be light, esp at Fav Vul.
Both Bob and Bruce open most bal hands with 12 HCP and many unbal hands with 9-11 HCP, Bruce a fraction lighter than Bob.
Preempts: may be light 1st and 3rd or at FV, 4 level wide range

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Vs Suit: 3rd from even, low odd, low from xxx, but lead high from 3 or 4 small after raising partner's suit. Rusinow honor leads (only vs. suits)
Vs. NT: 4th best, but second high from bad 4+ card suits. Often low from xxx in partner's suit.
King asks count or unblock; Ace or Queen asks attitude; Other honors std.

Defensive Signals

Upside Down Attitude and Count; standard Suit Pref
Present count is upside down
Signaling priority: Attitude, Count, Suit Preference, but give what's needed most.
Middle of the hand leads normally attitude. If it won't be confusing, still 3rd from even, low from odd, but attitude prevails.