System Summary Form (SSF), 2023 Open USBC

Team: Dinkin Last Updated Apr 3, 2023 at 10:31
Players: Michael Shuster - Sam Dinkin

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

Artificial Takeout overcalls:
2C over 1D/1H/1S

These overcalls promise at most two cards in the suit opened and at least 3 cards in every other suit and about 10-16 HCP (or equivalent playing strength.)

Artificial 1NT overcall of 1D/1H/1S is forcing and unlimited, showing 6 or more cards in the lowest unbid major.

1D overcall of a 1C opening bid showing weak NT
- any balanced or semi-balanced pattern with 12-14 HCP 2nd seat, which doesn't want to bid 1NT for takeout or a 1H or 1S overcall. Generally it implies 3+ C, but it could be also a doubleton club honor(15-17 3rd/4th.)

Roman jump overcalls at 2D/2H/(1R)-2S and (1S)-3D, showing the suit bid and the next higher ranking suit and normal overcall strength.

Over-under cue bid (at least normal overcall strength, unlimited).

A 1NT opening bid may contain a singleton lower ranking than the Q.

When 2C is takeout, 3C is intermediate, showing a hand worth a 2C overcall with 6+ C and no 4-card major

When 1D shows a weak NT, 3D is intermediate, showing a hand worth a sound 1D overcall with 6+ diamonds and no 4-card major.

General Bidding Style

We open all 8+ HCP* hands in 1st and 2nd seat except:
1) Unfavorable: 8-11 without a 4CM or 5Cm, 8-10 5m4m/5m332
2) Other vulnerabilities: 8-9 hands without a 4CM or 5Cm

In 3rd seat, we will generally pass balanced 13's and some balanced 14's.

Our weak 2's (only in minors 1st/2nd not unfavorable) are usually 5-card suits
Our 3-level preempts are generally 6 or 7 card suits (6322 can choose 2 or 3-level)

Strong 1D (15+) and intermediate and unbalanced 2H/2S (showing either 5431 with a 4 card minor or 6+ in the major, not MM, and 10-14 HCP)

Artificial 1C includes all patterns in the 10-14 range that are not opened with 2M.

Variable NT (mini in 1st/2nd, 15-17 no 4CM 3rd/4th)

Opening 1M showing under the strength for 1C/2M/1NT and any pattern with 4+ in that major (except that both majors are always opened 1H)

Opening 2C is weak except at unfavorable.

*We routinely upgrade if we have 10+ cards in our two longest suits

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

VS NT: 4th from suits we like; higher otherwise. K asks count/unblock. Q could be from KQ or QJ.

VS suits: 3rd from even, low from odd. A asks Att, K asks count.

Attitude shifts mid-hand

Defensive Signals

UDCA. Generally attitude unless known, then count unless known, then suit preference. We attempt to give count or SP earlier if we judge partner will need it.