JLall Online Teams #6 2022 Round Robin 1B

JLall Online Teams #6 2022 Round Robin 1B
This is the second half of Round Robin 1; the first half was Round Robin 1A. Victory Point scores from that half are included here as carryover.

The top 4 teams qualify for the online SemiFinal; their scores are in red

Click on the team name or number to see the team information page including team members, photos, and system summaries. Put your cursor on the team name to display its members. Hover over a Victory Point score to see the IMPs for the match.

Why IMPs don’t always match what’s on RealBridge:
We can’t adjust the IMPs shown on RealBridge when a board has to be removed from play at one table and we assign a result based on the X-IMPs of the other table result. The IMPs shown here are the “real” result.

Why the VP scores in some matches do not add up to 20:
When a team is penalized for something, their VP score is adjusted but their opponent’s is not.

* R12 Lo assessed slow play penalty of 1 VP
* R13 Ge v Rosenthal td ruling open #47 reverts from 5DXN= to 4SX-2 W

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Team Name TotalCarry
6.  Lo 169.18 99.16   9.1415.235.889.1411.672.5016.46
8.  Rosenthal 165.46 69.2310.86   16.2316.689.5610.4414.0918.37
2.  Ferro 151.29 78.374.773.77   15.7510.8613.7819.744.25
4.  Lall 144.34 71.5913.123.324.25   6.2212.7714.3918.68
1.  Brines 135.29 58.7510.8610.449.1413.78   7.959.1415.23
3.  Ge 134.92 57.528.339.566.227.2312.05   17.1116.90
7.  Reynolds 121.69 70.7117.505.910.265.6110.862.89   7.95
5.  Lalls Juniors 96.83 54.673.541.6315.751.324.773.1012.05  

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