Junior United States Bridge Championship - U21 2015 2nd half of Round Robin

In the second match on day 2, teams 2 & 6 sat the same direction. Their match has been scored based on their first half results using the 8-board Victory Point scale and each team has been penalized 5 Victory Points.

Teams are displayed in current ranking order. The first 4 teams have their totals bolded (4 qualify). Click on the team name or number to see the team profile including team members, photos, and system summaries. Put your cursor on the team name to display its members.

The shaded matches on this scorecard are those where only the first half is complete. Put your cursor on the box to see the IMP scores for each half.
PDF Hand records boards 1-24(matches1-3)   boards 1-32(matches4-7)  
Team Name Total BYE
6.  Soukup 94.93   20.0017.858.8016.731.5520.00 10.00
4.  Koppel 78.090.00   12.807.4511.2018.5518.09 10.00
3.  Hu 73.932.157.20   19.695.209.6920.00 10.00
5.  Olsen 73.7511.2012.55.31   16.429.0914.18 10.00
1.  Berman   14.185.40 10.00
2.  Das 51.028.451.4510.3110.915.82   4.08 10.00
7.  Zhan   10.00

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