Michael Seamon Junior United States Bridge Championship - U26 - USA2 - 2017

Round of 16 3-Way (56 boards)

Set score of form "Ax" is preliminary with a pending Appeal and is not included in TOTAL
28-DEC-2017 Print this Page
VPs Total  # TEAM VPs MatchIMPs TotalSET #1SET #2SET #3SET #4Penalty (VPs)
29.74 5Dhir15.6611125242735  
Hand records for Dhir vs Kompa: 1-14  
16.07 6Kompa11.738713154217  
Hand records for Kompa vs Baumel: 1-14  
14.19 7Baumel5.9242152052  
Hand records for Baumel vs Dhir: 1-14  
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