United States Bridge Championship - 2014


13-MAY-2014 The colored score boxes indicate the team with seating rights for that segment of play. Print this Page
# TEAM TOTAL 1-1516-3031-4546-6061-7576-9091-105106-120Pen-
1Nickell260     255242444948    
8Sherman, npc142     27626362621wd   
2Fleisher238     1419434922252739  
7Seligman182     1719191735123726  
3Gordon246     621295258251045  
6Diamond278     2615272165563335  
4Fireman, npc251     838154629462841  
5Bramley260     5719361550163136  
Hand records Day1, 1-15   Day1,16-30   Day1,31-45   Day1,46-60   Day2,1-15   Day2,16-30   Day2,31-45   Day2,46-60  
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