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The 2014 SPORTACCORD World MindGames Tournament will be held in Beijing from December 10-17. The USBF teams will be:

Open Team - Huub Bertens & Curtis Cheek, Vince Demuy & John Kranyak and Justin Lall & Roger Lee.

Women's team - Cheri Bjerkan & Pam Wittes, Lynn Deas & Disa Eythorsdottir and Irina Levitina & Kerri Sanborn.

SportAccord also holds an online tournament, which will run from September 15 - November 15. For more information about that event and how to enter, see the Press Release announcing the event and the website for the event, where you can find information about format, prizes and how to enter.  

2014 USBF ELECTION - Nominating Committee Slate

Two members of the USBF Board of Directors will be elected to join the Board in 2014. Each will serve a three year term ending January 1, 2018. 

The USBF Nominating Committee has nominated the following people for the two seats:
     Brad Moss
     Josh Parker

Brad Moss
 Josh Parker

               Brad Moss                                                     Josh Parker

In accordance with the USBF Bylaws as clarified in the Election Procedures, additional candidates may be added to the slate by petition, as follows:

  • 4.    Petition Candidates
    Active Members in good standing may be added to ballots by petition. A valid petition application form requires twenty-five (25) Active Member signatures. Petitions must be received at USBF headquarters no later than twenty (20) days prior to the ballot mailing date.

The ballot mailing date is October 23rd so the last day to submit a nomination Petition is October 3rd.

If there are no petition candidates, the two candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee will be elected without need for voting. 

SILVER FOR USA1 in the Damiani Cup (U21)

Congratulations to USA1 for winning the Silver Medal in the Damiani Cup (Under 21) in the 2014 World Youth Teams Championship. Ben Christensen, Nolan Chang, Chris Huber, Oren Kriegel, Kevin Rosenberg & Cole Spencer finished the qualifying Round Robin in fifth place. They defeated China by 13 IMPs in the Quarterfinals (having started 11 IMPs behind as a result of their loss to China in the Round Robin). They defeated France by 20.5 IMPs, having started 4.5 IMPs ahead as a result of defeating France in the Round Robin.

In the final, USA2 played Sweden, who had won the Round Robin, defeatied the Netherlands by 41 in the Quarterfinal and Norway by 75 in the Semifinal. At the half in the Final, USA1 led by 15 IMPs on the strength of a very strong third segment. Sweden came on strong in the 4th and 5th sets, to lead by 52.5 after 5 of 6 segments. The teams played even in the final segment, so Sweden won the match and the gold medal.

USA1 original 4

 Kevin Rosenberg, Oren Kriegel, Ben Kristensen & Chris Huber, who won the USA1 spot at the 2014 Junior USBC.

Nolan Chang
 Cole Spencer

Nolan Chang & Cole Spencer were added to the team for the WYTC.

US teams finished 5-8 in the Ortiz-Patiño Cup (Under 26) and the Rona Cup (Women Under 26), and ended the Round Robin in 10th (U21) and 12th (U26) places after the Round Robin.

In the Board-A-Match teams, five of the USA1 Under 26 team won Gold. Congratulations to Zach Brescoll, Adam & Zach Grossack, Adam Kaplan, Owen Lien and new teammate from Sweden Adam Stokka.


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