System Summary Form (SSF), 2021 Open USBC

Team: Kolesnik Last Updated Sep 11, 2021 at 20:40
Players: Phil Clayton - Andrew Gumperz

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Bids that Require Advance Preparation

"Martian Standard"

Opening Bids:

1C is 11+ and a one round force. If balanced, it will contain 11-13, 17-19 or 22+, otherwise it will contain long clubs and an unbalanced hand. Can be unbalanced min with long C and 4H

1D / 1H and 1S are also a one round force, 13+ and will be unbalanced. We will shade the requirement if we hold a side major.

1N is 14-16 (1/2) and 15-17 (3/4).

2C/D = 10-13, 6+m or 5m 4+om, denies 4H/S
2H/S = 10-13 and 5+ in suit (not 5332).

3N is a good 4 of a major opening

Responses to be aware of:

1C - ?

1D / 1H = 4+ H or S.
1S = no major (unlimited)
1N = 10-12
2m = invitational or better in OTHER minor
2H = 5S / 4H+, less than invite
2S = 5S / 4H+, invitational
2N = 55 minors, inv +

1D - ?

1H may be 3 cards if a very weak hand
1N GF Relay

1H - ?

1S = similar to a forcing NT
1N = Game forcing relay
2C = 5+S's and 4-9 points
2D = constructive raise

1S -

2C = game forcing relay
2D = 5+H's and 4-9 points
2H = constructive raise

Competitive Methods:

1. We use transfers in many competitive auctions
2. Over your natural 1m opening, we play overcall structure:

- Double = 15+ and usually balanced
- Jump Overcalls are typically two suited
- 1N is similar to a takeout x and may be lighter

3. Over your Strong Club, Precision 1D or Balanced or Polish club, we play:

- Double = majors
- 1N = 4M + 5+m (Raptor)
- 2C = both majors
- 2D = one major (less than opening hand)
- 2M = Intermediate (over a Precision 1D or Balanced Club) or M + side minor (over strong club).
- Pass and double shows strong NT +

5. Over your 1N opening we play Woolsey / Multi-Landy depending on range

General Bidding Style

1C may be as light as a nice 10 count NV, but the expected strength is 11.

If 1D, 1H or 1S do not contain a side major, the openings are very sound, but otherwise may be as weak as 10.

In 3rd seat, 2x may be shaded.

Preempts range from very light (1st / 3rd NV vs Vul) to very sound (2nd vul).

Opening Leads AND Leads in the Middle of the Hand

Rusinow Leads vs suits (3+) and NT (4+) except in other people's 4+ suits.
Spot leads are 3rd from even, low from odd vs suits and 2nd from bad suits and 4th otherwise vs NT.
T's and 9's mid-hand show 0 or 2 higher honors.

In middle game, we playing Jack denies. Spot leads through dummy are 3rd / low and attitude through declarer.

Defensive Signals

Standard count, attitude and suit preference. Reverse Smith vs NT.

We tend to signal with count - unless partner leads an honor or the situation calls for it.

If we think we know enough about the hand, we will signal suit preference, or nothing at all.