2021 Senior USBC Round Robin

2021 Senior USBC Round Robin
Teams are displayed in current ranking order. The first 8 teams have their totals in red (8 qualify). The team numbers are the ones used in this round robin. Click on the team name or number to see the team information page including team members, photos, and system summaries. Put your cursor on the team name to display its members.

Teams are listed in ranking order. The top 8 teams have their scores in red because 8 teans qualify for the Quarterfinal. Click on the team name to see the team profile page. Hover over the team name to see the names of the players. Hover over a score to see the IMP score if there is one.

Why IMPs don’t always match what’s on RealBridge:
We can’t adjust the IMPs shown on RealBridge when a board has to be removed from play at one table and we assign a result based on the X-IMPs of the other table result. The IMPs shown here are the “real” result.

Why the VP scores in some matches do not add up to 20:
Sometimes adjustments end up in an "uneven" VP score. This happened in the Round 1 match between Lewis and Reynolds in which the teams were awarded artificial VP scores for the match based in part on the results from the only table that played the boards and in part on an adjustment.
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Team Name Total 10
1.  Beatty 129.96   8.868.1512.5115.7518.008.5018.9720.0019.22
7.  Levine 120.98 11.14   14.2810.773.2216.3912.8317.1619.4415.75
5.  Gupta 95.67 11.855.72   13.1415.056.867.178.8611.5015.52
3.  Cappelli 95.66 7.499.236.86   14.5413.147.175.4616.9714.80
2.  Bramley 94.70 4.2516.784.955.46   11.5013.149.6115.2913.72
10. Simson 93.94 2.003.6113.146.868.50   17.8410.7712.5118.71
8.  Lewis 93.27 11.507.1712.8312.836.862.16   13.7216.599.61
6.  Kahn 77.82 1.032.8411.1414.5410.399.236.28   9.2313.14
4.  Fox 53.01 0.000.568.503.034.717.493.4110.77   14.54
9.  Reynolds 48.03 0.784.254.485.206.281.2913.436.865.46  

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