JLall Online Teams #5 2022 2nd Round Robin

JLall Online Teams #5 2022 2nd Round Robin
Teams are displayed in current ranking order. The first 6 teams have their totals in red (6 qualify). The team numbers are the ones used in this round robin. Click on the team name or number to see the team information page including team members, photos, and system summaries. Put your cursor on the team name to display its members.

NOTE: Yellow cells indicate matches from 1st Round Robin. Those VPs are included in the carryover

PDF Hand records matches 01-03  
Team Name TotalCarry
21. Baseggio 183.48 124.47   rr16.8614.00rr1rr110.39rr19.6118.15
27. Donner 179.73 123.46rr1   16.597.82rr1rr112.18rr17.1712.51
7.  Hill 175.34 121.3013.143.41   rr110.7712.18rr114.54rr1rr1
4.  Bishel 170.33 107.486.0012.18rr1   14.0014.28rr116.39rr1rr1
31. Lewis 170.06 130.79rr1rr19.236.00   rr13.82rr14.2515.97
35. Tebha 165.69 112.63rr1rr17.825.72rr1   9.23rr114.5415.75
16. Zhang 165.02 115.189.617.82rr1rr116.1810.77   5.46rr1rr1
34. Stokes 157.32 101.83rr1rr15.463.61rr1rr114.54   16.5915.29
9.  Lusky 156.43 108.5910.3912.83rr1rr115.755.46rr13.41   rr1
15. Xiao 138.12 115.791.857.49rr1rr14.034.25rr14.71rr1  

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