Open USBC 2021 Round Robin2AOpen USBC 2021 Round Robin 2A

Open USBC 2021 Round Robin 2A

This is the first half of Round Robin 2; the second half is called Round Robin 2B and will include the Victory Point results from this first half as carryover.

Why IMPs don’t always match what’s on RealBridge:
We can’t adjust the IMPs shown on RealBridge when a board has to be removed from play at one table and we assign a result based on the X-IMPs of the other table result. The IMPs shown here are the “real” result.

Why the VP scores in some matches do not add up to 20:
When a team is penalized for something, their VP score is adjusted but their opponent’s is not. That happened in rounds 5 & 6 on Friday, 9/17:
In round 5, a player on the Lebowitz table arrived between 1 and 5 minutes late, so the team was penalized 1 VP in accordance with the General Conditions of Contest.
In round 6, the Gu vs Levine match finished very late. The Gu pair had taken 1958 seconds for the segment, the Levine pair had taken 1011 seconds. The Gu team was penalized 1.5 VPs for slow play.
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Team Name Total 121011
12. Spector 156.87   19.5616.0412.9418.699.5316.7717.6215.5016.2910.923.01
10. Nickell 126.690.44   10.0015.2210.9211.7712.946.3513.6519.1513.3112.94
4.  Fleisher 122.683.9610.00   14.3210.005.3710.0010.9214.6313.9915.5013.99
7.  Hill   5.3718.018.6511.7716.7717.4211.7712.94
2.  Bramley 114.411.319.0810.0014.63   11.7714.936.014.227.4317.8217.21
5.  Gu 107.3310.478.2314.631.998.23   18.859.085.075.0716.299.42
1.  Bishel 100.713.237.0610.0011.355.071.15   8.2313.3115.2211.7714.32
6.  Henner 98.632.3813.659.088.2313.9910.9211.77   10.924.781.9910.92
3.  Donner 97.574.506.355.373.2315.7814.936.699.08   10.478.2312.94
8.  Lebowitz 93.703.710.856.012.5812.5714.933.7815.229.53   16.298.23
11. Simson 91.899.086.694.508.232.183.718.2318.0111.773.71   15.78
9.  Levine 86.8016.997.  

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