The United States Bridge Federation (USBF) and the US Venice Cup world championship bridge team are pleased to mutually announce that we have resolved all issues relating to events that occurred at the closing ceremony of the 2007 World Bridge Championship in Shanghai. We all believe that it is in the best interests of bridge to put this behind us so that we can focus on playing the game we love.

The USBF Board has dismissed all charges against the members of the Venice Cup team.
The members of the USA1 Venice Cup Championship team recognize that it is a legitimate request of the USBF, when sending teams to represent the United States, that all participants refrain from using the stage for the Medal Ceremonies as a platform for anything other than receiving their medals.
For the future the USBF will make certain that the Guidelines are clearer as to what is expected.

We all look forward to resuming our mutual enjoyment of bridge and to working together to promote the game.

Steve Beatty
Joan Gerard
Gail Greenberg
Bob Hamman
Jill Levin
Irina Levitina
Jan Martel
Rose Meltzer
Jill Meyers
Hansa Narasimhan
Lou Ann O'Rourke
Bill Pollack
Debbie Rosenberg
JoAnna Stansby

November 20, 2007