The Junior US Bridge Championships (JUSBC) is held every two years to select the USA teams for the World Youth Bridge Teams Championship (WYBTC). The JUSBC is typically held in December of the year before the WYBTC, which is typically held in July or August. Go to this page to learn more about Team USA at the WYBTC.

2024 Sam Amer JUSBC

The next JUSBC is scheduled for December 2024 and will select teams for the 2025 WYBTC. Team sign-ups will open in mid-2024.

Sam Amer square
The 2024 JUSBC will be named after Sam Amer (1993-2023). Sam was a bridge professional in NYC and was a beloved member of the bridge community. He was a former member of the USBF Junior program and represented the US in the 2018 WYBTC. He was known for his incredible kindess towards others and his infectious passion for the game.

Read about memories of Sam Amer on Bridgewinners here and here

2022 Michael Seamon JUSBC Winners / 2023 Team USA WYBTC Representatives

Preparing for the WYTC is a team effort! THANK YOU to the NPCs and many other mentors and partnership coaches who have helped the juniors prepare, especially in the six months leading up to the tournament.

Team Team Members NPC Mentors & Coaches
U26 USA1 Ben Kristensen - Kevin Rosenberg
Zach Grossack - Finn Kolesnik
Emma Kolesnik - Noah Aptecker
Ishmael Del'Monte Brian Platnick
U26 USA2  Richard Jeng - Brent Xiao
Cornelius Duffie - Stella Wan
Amber Lin - Cynthia Huang
Dan Korbel  Geoff Hampson, Mike Gill,
Danny Sprung, Roger Lee
U21 USA1  Bruce Zhu - Harrison Luba
Michael Xu - Olivia Schireson
Nathan Gong - Arthur Gong
Roger Lee Roger Lee
Chris Willenken
U21 USA2 Arthur Zhou - Michael Hu
Rory Xiao - Jonathan Yue
Samuel Pahk - Michael Hass
Aaron Silverstein Barry Goren
Debbie Rosenberg
U16 USA1 Andrew Chen - Brian Zhang
Charlie Chen - Kayden Ge
Eric Xiao - Jeff Xiao
Will Watson  
U16 USA2 Jack Boge - Avery Silverstein
Daniel Balof - Ethan Derman
Claire Cao - Jeffrey Yin
Kent Mignocchi Aaron Silverstein
U26 Women's
Helena Hsieh - Yichen (Jessie) Cai
Ava Donnellan - Margot Donnellan
Helen Chow - Nicole Qian
Adam Parrish  Li-chung Chen
U26 Women's
Katie Hwang - Cecilia Ehrlichman
Morgan Johnstone -
Jessica Udomsrirungruang
Katie Sullivan - Khan Tran Nguyen
Michael Shuster Sam Dinkin, Kent Mignocchi
John McAllister, Phil Clayton
Amber Lin
U31 USA1 Kyle Rockoff - Daniel Weiss
Danning Lu - 
Andrew Roberg
Jeff Schwartz - Ben Kompa
Alex Kolesnik Dave Caprera
Previous JUSBCs

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Honoring Michael Seamon (1960-2017)

Michael Seamon 2016

The 2017, 2019, and 2022 JUSBCs were named in honor of Michael Seamon. Michael Seamon passed away in 2017, and subsequent JUSBCs have been named in honor of him. Michael was a brilliant player and a wonderful human being. He was an ACBL Grand Life Master with over fifteen national championships. He most recently represented the USBF in the World Mixed Team Championship in Wroclaw, Poland in 2016, and was a frequent participant in Open USBCs. He was a member of the bridge-playing Seamon family, with father Bill, mother Rita, sister Janice, and aunt Edith (Kemp). Read about memories of Michael Seamon on Bridgewinners here.