There will be deferred kibitzing for all of the 2021 Open USBC. 
KO Kibitzing on LoveBridge

You can follow the USBC on the website. The stream is delayed; go to the schedule below for starting times for each segment.
Popcorn time!
Do you want to listen to commentary? Search for the TV icon! It will send you to the page where you can choose from the available live commentary. If it doesn’t do anything, no one is commenting.
Nail biting!
Do you want to be deeply involved? Choose the “Match view” at the starting page of your event. Your screen will be divided into four small screens – two of them showing the two tables of the match you choose, the other two having the scoresheet for your match and the current scores of the other matches. In the 2x2 view you can also personalize the content in all your windows. (The 2x2 view is not available on mobiles.)
Think together!
When watching a table, click on a name and choose “Kibitz”. Instead of seeing all 4 hands, you will see what the player sees, and you can decide what you would do and see whether your chosen player agrees.
More Information:
Be well informed and tell your friends: while following the play, you can click many items. The image of the sticker with the number of the board (upper right) takes you to the results of the board, in the bottom right corner the arrow takes you the scoresheet, the DDS shows the double dummy analyses, beside that there is a button for the other table of the same match, at the top left corner you can see the bidding with alerts and the explanations (mouse over), the tricks already played, and the double dummy analysis for the available number of tricks with the par score.
Navigation icons:
While surfing here and there in the vugraph, or amongst the archive sessions, there are icons to help you. You can always go back to the main page with the “house” or to the standings with the “scores”. If you cannot see the icons, move your mouse, or touch your screen and they pop up immediately. There is also a built-in back button because the back button of your browser will always take you to the starting page. If this is not what you wanted, push next in your browser and you can continue where you were.
After the event you can find every board from every table easily. While replaying the hands, the only surprise can be the way “next board” button works. If you have arrived from a scoresheet, it navigates through the scoresheet. If you have arrived from a screen where the results were shown for a given board then the same buttons move you through list. Push every button and enjoy!

Kibitzing Schedule For the KO (EDT)


Segment 1: 12:00 noon
Segment 2:  2:25 pm
Segment 3: 5:45 pm
Segment 4: 8:10 pm


Segment 5: 12:00 noon
Segment 6:  2:25 pm
Segment 7: 7:00 pm
Segment 8: 9:30 pm


Round Robin Kibitzing on RealBridge Kibitz Site

To kibitz, go to the RealBridge kibitzing website, enter your name and click on Log In. That will take you to a screen where you can select the event to kibitz (we do not know whether there will be events with deferred kibitzing other than the Open USBC).

After you select Kibitz 2021 Open USBC, you will be taken to a lobby where you will see a list of tables on the left and a chat box and list of people in the lobby on the right. The table listing shows the team & player names at each table, as well as the board and trick that table is on (that's in the middle of the table, immediately under the table number). There will also be information about the number of kibitzers at a table and whether there is audio/video commentary (a picture of a TV means there is). Click on a table to kibitz it.

At the table, you will see a hand diagram, and the bidding and play as it happens.You do not get to hear or see the players yet (that's coming).

There is a chat window on the right of the screen. Anyone can type chat into the chat window.

Above the chat window are two dropdowns, for video commentary. If you want to hear someone who is commenting, select their name from one of the dropdowns. If two people are commenting, select both of them, one from each dropdown. The option "BROADCAST MY VIDEO" is for commentators - if you select this, your commentary will be available to anyone who wants to listen to you.

When browsing scores and results, if you want to share a deal with somebody, you can copy the URL from the top of the browser's window and paste it into an email or a Bridge Winners post.

For more information, go to the ReaBridge help page for spectators:

Kibitz time will be different each day - All times are EDT
Round Robin 1
Monday, 9/13

Round 1: 1:00 pm

Round 2: 2:00 pm

Round 3: 3:00 pm


Round 4: 5:15 pm

Round 5: 6:15 pm

Round 6: 7:15 pm

Round 7: 8:15 pm

Tuesday, 9/14

Round 8: 1:00 pm

Round 9: 2:00 pm

Round 10: 3:00 pm

Round 11: 4:00 pm


Round 12: 6:00 pm

Round 13: 7:00 pm

Round 14: 8:00 pm

Round 15: 9:00 pm

Wednesday, 9/15

Round 16: 1:00 pm

Round 17: 2:00 pm

Round 18: 3:00 pm


Round 19: 4:30 pm

Round 20: 5:30 pm

Round 21: 6:30 pm

Round Robin 2
Friday, 9/17

Round 1: 1:00 pm

Round 2: 2:00 pm

Round 3: 3:00 pm


Round 4: 5:15 pm

Round 5: 6:15 pm

Round 6: 7:15 pm

Round 7: 8:15 pm

Saturday, 9/18

Round 9: 1:00 pm

Round 10: 2:00 pm

Round 11: 3:00 pm

Round 12: 4:00 pm


Round 13: 6:00 pm

Round 14: 7:00 pm

Round 15: 8:00 pm

Round 16: 9:00 pm

Sunday, 9/19

Round 17: 1:00 pm

Round 18: 2:00 pm

Round 19: 3:00 pm


Round 20: 5:15 pm

Round 21: 6:15 pm

Round 22: 7:15 pm

Round 23: 8:15 pm