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These are some of the reasons other people have had problems logging in:

  1. You changed your username and/or password, but forgot that you had done so and are trying to log in using the original username and password. Try your most common choices for username and/or password. If they don't work, email Jan and she'll tell you your username and reset your password to your ACBL number.
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  3. When you originally joined USBF you used your nickname as your first name instead of your "real" first name. Try using the initial of your nickname instead of your real name. For example, if you're a Robert who is frequently called Bob, try bhamman instead of rhamman.
  4. You're so used to typing your ACBL number with the letter lower case that you did it that way. Try again with a capital letter.
  5. You think of your first initial as being separated from your last name by either a space or a period, so you separated them.
  6. You joined after 2006, either because you hadn't been a member or because you had problems logging in, and gave yourself a username and password you knew you'd be able to remember but now you can't remember one or the other. Your first initial followed by last name won't work if you assigned yourself a different username. See 1. above for what to do.