We fundraise for juniors on a two-year cycle that aligns with the bi-annual World Youth Bridge Teams Championships (WYBTC) and Junior US Bridge Championships (JUSBC).

Our goal is to provide equal opportunity to all juniors participating in the JUSBC and WYBTC by fully funding the costs associated with both tournaments. This way, we can make the unique opportunities of both tournaments available to juniors who may otherwise not be able to afford to attend. Another benefit is that Team USA will thus be represented by the best players available.


Donate for the 2024-2025 Cycle

We are now raising funds to send as many eligible players as we can to the 2024 JUSBC and 2025 WYBTC. The 2024 JUSBC will be named in honor of Sam Amer.

To make a donation, please visit the donations page here (or click the button in the upper right-hand corner of the page).


2022-2023 Junior Fundraising Cycle

THANK YOU to all of our donors for facilitating a successful 2022-2023 cycle!


2022 2023 USBF Junior Fundraising Cycle 7


Donor & Fundraising FAQ

Does it cost juniors anything to join the USBF Junior Online Training Program or participate in USBF Junior events?

No - the USBF Junior Online Training Program is entirely free and has no expenses as all organizers and mentors are volunteers. Mentors include many professional bridge teachers and players, in addition to current and former juniors. See the list of mentors donating their time here.

Juniors also do not have to pay any USBF dues to participate in the Junior Online Training Program or the JUSBC.

How much does it cost to send each player to the JUSBC and WYBTC?

It costs ~$700 to send one junior player to the JUSBC. This amount includes transportation and housing with one roommate. In 2022, ~85% of funds were used directly for junior transportation and housing. We aim to minimize overhead expenses (e.g., venue, supplies) as much as possible, and staff are volunteers (except for ACBL directors).

It costs ~$3,200 to send one junior player or NPC to the WYBTC. This amount includes expenses for flights, local transportation, uniforms, housing with one roommate, and meals.


How do we know juniors participating in these tournaments are invested in their bridge development and performing well at the WYBTC?

All funded JUSBC players must participate in weekly training through the Online Training Program for at least six months before the JUSBC (and in most cases, much longer). As the JUSBC typically occurs over winter break (the time between Christmas and New Year's), all players also dedicate this precious time to bridge.

All funded WYBTC representatives must participate in weekly online group training and additional partnership coaching, system preparation, and live bridge training for around six months between the JUSBC and the WYBTC.


These tournaments are expensive to fund, especially compared to sending youth players to more local tournaments. Why is it important to fund these tournaments?

The JUSBC and WYBTC are the premier events for more serious junior players in the US and all over the world. They provide a unique opportunity for these players to compete at the highest levels amongst their peers; a strong social environment at both tournaments also facilitates the formation of lifelong friendships. In addition, the WYBTC provides players with the rare opportunity to represent their country at a World Championships. Players frequently cite these tournaments as "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences. See this page for recent WYBTC results and to read testimonials from players published on Bridgewinners.

While it is essential to support junior bridge players of all experience levels, more serious junior players will become the backbone of the bridge community in the future. This is the group of players that are starting bridge clubs at their schools now and will volunteer to teach bridge at their workplaces and communities in the future. A handful of these players will devote much of their lives to bridge, as professional teachers, directors, club owners, players, writers, and more. A culture of "giving back" is deeply ingrained in the USBF Junior Program; eight mentors in the Online Training Program are also current or recent juniors. These are the players who will keep bridge alive and inspire future generations.


I do not need funding from the USBF for myself or my child to attend the JUSBC or WYBTC. What should I do?

We welcome all players and parents / guardians who do not need USBF funding to "donate back" the funding they receive to the USBF Junior Fund. Our current funding model enables us to provide equal opportunity to all players without needing to disclose individual financial situations.