Because of Covid, we won't be able to provide the full, wonderful hospitality we have in the past, but we will do what we can.

Hosts Julie Arbit, Maya Alela, and Christian Jolly for the Mixed and Seniors will be in our usual hospitality suite (Room 2321). They will provide grab and go breakfast and lunch each day, starting on Tuesday, Oct. 5th

Breakfast will be available from 8-10 am. There will be individually packaged cereal, fruit, hard boiled eggs, bagels, and some hot options. Also individual butter, jam, peanut butter, and cream cheese, as well as condiment packages. There will be brewed coffee and will have individual packages of sugar, sweetener, and dairy & non-dairy creamers. For those of you who prefer Keurig coffee, that will also be available in the hospitality suite. We are limiting access to 6 players at any one time, so we ask that you come to the suite, pick up a large to go container or paper tote bag and put smaller packages in that to take with you as quickly as you can, and then go someplace else to eat. Masks that cover your nose & mouth must be worn in the Hospitality Suite at all times. There will be a hand sanitizer station outside the door and we encourage you to sanitize  your hands before entering the suite.

Lunch will be available from 2-4 pm (the first half of play each day ends at 2:35; we encourage those of you who are sitting out the 2nd quarter to go early).  Lunches will be:

SATURDAY, 10/22: Sandwiches, soup, and salads from the Corner Bakery
SUNDAY, 10/23: Pizza and salads from Blaze Pizza
MONDAY, 10/24: Falafel, chicken, steak, and veggie sandwiches from Falafill
TUESDAY, 10/25: Sandwiches from Honey Baked Ham Company
WEDNESDAY, 10/26: Pastas and Caesar salad from Noodles & Company

Let us know what you want: If there is something you'd like us to have that isn't there, please ask one of the hosts.

Playing Rooms & Player's Break Room

We will have bottled water in the playing rooms and will try to stock the refrigerators in the playing rooms with soft drinks.

We wil also have bottled water in the Player's Break Room (1321), as well as soft drinks, nespresso, some packaged snacks, and some fruit.

Masks that cover your nose & mouth must be worn in the Player's Break Room at all times, so you may not eat and drink in the room.