The Quarterfinalists in the 2021 Senior USBC, in order of their Round Robin finish, are:


BEATTY (Beatty-Stewart, Buchalter-Roman, Foster-Howard

LEVINE (Levine-Wold-Meckstroth, Lair-Passell, NPC Morris

GUPTA (Gupta-Lall, Berkowitz-Sontag, Garner-Zia)

CAPPELLI (Cappelli-Bitterman, Bart-Bart, Brenner-Caprera)

BRAMLEY (Bramley-Woolsey, Morse-Rajadhyaksha)

SIMSON (Simson-Aker, Casen-Krekorian, Koneru-Schermer)

LEWIS (Lewis-Lewis, Cohen-Smith, Doub-Stiefel)

KAHN (Kahn-Rothstein, Binder-Watson)


As soon as the teams have let us know about roster changes before the KO (the deadline for roster changes is Oct. 13th), we will complete the seeding and post a bracket.