There will be delayed kibitzing for all of the JLall2 event.


Kibitzing Schedule for the Round Robin (EST)

The schedule will be the same each day:

Round 1: 2:30 pm

Round 2: 4:05 pm

Round 3: 5:30 pm

Round 4: 7:50 pm

Round 5: 9:25 pm

Kibitzing Schedule For the KO (EST)

Quarter 1: 1:15 pm

Quarter 2: 3:15 pm


Quarter 3: 7:15

Quarter 4: 9:15


To kibitz, go to the RealBridge kibitzing website, enter your name and click on Log In. That will take you to a screen where you can select the event to kibitz (we do not know whether there will be events with delayed kibitzing other than the JLall2).

After you select Kibitz JLall Online Teams #2, you will be taken to a lobby where you will see a list of tables on the left and a chat box and list of people in the lobby on the right. The table listing shows the team & player names at each table, as well as the board and trick that table is on (that's in the middle of the table, immediately under the table number). Click on a table to kibitz it.

At the table, you will see a hand diagram, and the bidding and play as it happens.You do not get to hear or see the players yet (that's coming).

There is a chat window on the right of the screen (if your browser window isn't large enough to show it, you can click on the "chat" icon immediately above the UNDO button to open the chat window. For now, anyone can type chat into the chat window. We may have designated commentators for late stages of the event.

Some things you can do to get more information:

If there is an asterisk next to a bid, that means it was Alerted or Explained. Click on the bid to see the explanation if there was one.

-- "Rewind" the play using  the slider underneath the "table" with hand diagram. just move the vertical handle on the slider to the left to go to earlier tricks.

-- Click on the "Scores" button to the left of the South player's name, you will get a scorecard for the match so far. You can use this to get lots of information:

----Click on a board number to see the hand record and results at all of the tables.

----You can also click on a number in a yellow box to get to the hand record from some screens.

----In the hand record screen, click on a result to see the bidding and play at a specific table.

--In the upper left corner:

----Click on the yellow box with 4 little boxes to get the match scores for all the matches (that will be IMPs and will not include scores from previous rounds).

----Click on the yellow box with 3 bulleted lines to get Cross-IMPs for the pairs (that will be just for this match).

The Scores information is also available in the lobby using the button at the upper right, in case you want to check on scores before deciding which table to watch.


Timing of Delay

The Round Robin matches will be delayed until after each round is completed.

The first half KO matches will be delayed until each board has been played at all tables, so there may sometimes be a period when nothing new is being shown because one or two tables are very slow to play the board. For the second half of the KO matches, the delay will be until the quarter has been completed, so players will not be able to get useful state of match information. That means that the 3rd quarter kibitzing will start at 7:15 EST.