The 2019 Open USBC selected FLEISHER (Fleisher-Martel, Greco-Hampson, Grue-Moss) as USA2 for the 2019 Bermuda Bowl, held in Wuhan, China starting Sept. 14th and ending Sept. 28th. Justin Lall replaced Grue for the Bermuda Bowl and the team finished 14th in the Round Robin. NICKELL (NIckell-Katz, Levin-Weinstein, Meckstroth-Rodwell) had earned the right to be USA1 by winning the 2018 USBC.

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Teams Entered
Appeal #1 of 3 (QuarterFinal match Donn vs Fleisher)
Appeal #2 of 3 (SemiFinal match Rosenthal vs Wolfson)
Appeal #3 of 3 (SemiFinal match Kriegel vs Fleisher)
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Special Conditions of Contest for the 2019 USBC in PDF format

Conditions of Play for the 2019 USBC in PDF format.

The General Conditions of Contest in PDF format.

ACBL Convention Charts in PDF Format; the Open+ Chart will apply for USBF events.

Positioning Points after the 2019 Vanderbilt, Individual Positioning Points (please check yours, but note that the maximum is 26.5), and Seeding Points in PDF format.