The teams in the 2008 USSBC have been ranked by seeding points in accordance with the Conditions of Contest for the event. You can download a PDF document showing the seeding point calculations by team to see the seeding points for each player.

After the Round Robin, the teams in the USA1 Semi-final will be re-seeded by adding their seeding point rank to their Round Robin finish and ranking them. The team with the lowest total of seeding point rank plus Round Robin finish will be seeded #1, the team with the next lowest title will be #2, the other two teams will be randomly assigned numbers 3 and 4. The teams in USA2 will be ranked in the same way, and for the USA2 Quarterfinal, the loser of the USA1 match between team 1 and team 4 will play the lower ranked of the two surviving USA2 teams and the loser of the USA1 match between teams 2 adn 3 will play the other USA2 team.