System Information

Koneru-Mori System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Carmichael-Morgan System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Venkatrao Koneru
Larry Mori
Tom Carmichael
   Age:  34
Lives in:  Atlanta, Georgia suburb
Profession:  Consultant/Technical Trainer
Bridge Highlights:  Winner, NABC IMP Pairs 1997.  2nd Spingold 2005.  2nd World Junior Championships 1999.
Many other top 10 finishes in NABC+ events.

Other hobbies:  Board games
Jacob Morgan
  Age:                31
Lives in:          Madison, WI
Grew up in:    Madison, WI
Occupation:   Fulltime bridge player and teacher.
                         Also sells bridge books at ACBL tournaments.  
                         Previously was a tax preparer.

Bridge highlights:
  Gold Life Master of the Year in 2005  (won the Mini-McKenney race)
    8th place overall in 2005 Barry Crane race (1,767 masterpoints)
Won the 0 - 5000 Mini-Spingold  (2006, Chicago)
Won the 0 - 5000 Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs  (2005, Denver)
Won the Red Ribbon Pairs  (2004, Reno)
2nd place:  Open Swiss Teams  (2005, Atlanta)
4th place:   IMP Pairs  (2005, Pittsburgh)
8th place:   Jacoby Open Swiss Teams  (2006, Dallas)

Other hobbies: 
       Golden Tee and Poker