The WELLAND team (with Brian Glubok & Norberto Bocchi, who have been replaced for the Trials by Chris Willenken) had an impressive performance in the NABC events this cycle, finishing second in the Spingold & Reisinger and 9/16 in the Vanderbilt. They earned a bye to the Quarterfinals of the Trials and are hoping to go all the way.

System Information

Welland-Willenken System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
Cohen-Smith System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Garner-Weinstein System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, 2007 WBF Card

About the Players

Roy Welland
   Roy Welland lives in New York City with his wife Christal and two sons, William and Christopher. He is a securities trader and owner of the restaurant Cru, where the wine cellar is based largely on Roy’s personal collection. Since being named Rookie of the Year by the ACBL in 1986, Roy has compiled an impressive record. Recent achievements include winning the 2001 Reisinger, the 2003 Spingold, 2006 National Swiss Team, and 2007 Vanderbilt. He was 2007 ACBL Player of the year. When asked about his most enjoyable bridge achievement, Roy said it happened in Verona in 2006, when he was just one match away from playing Christal for the world title. He stood her up, but Christal made bridge history by reaching the finals, where she met another team that included a woman. You will often find Roy after the session at tournaments holding a large crystal wine glass. Rumor has it that if he offers you a sip, you’d be a fool to turn him down.
Chris Willenken
Steven Garner
   Steve has a vicious, wicked and biting sense of humor. Plus he is actually funny. Steve, like Howie, emigrated to the U.S. from Minnesota landing for 20 years in Chicago. He recently moved to Florida where he says that he was singled out by 11 hurricanes that attacked him in his first 6 months. He recently lost his life partner, Cort, as well as his great friend Richard. This would bring down a lesser man, but Steve has a Patton-like fighting spirit. While most who know him at the bridge table see an affable, pleasant, c'est le vie kind of a guy, try taking him on at the Acquire table where he becomes mean, sadistic and intolerable. Drew Casen was reduced to tears by this seemingly gentle man.
Steven is the best when it come to fashion, decorating, dieting and health tips. He even helps with the occasional bridge tip. But his absolute forte and passion is drinking fine red wine that has been graciously provided by Roy Welland. Steve learned early on that one did not need to dirty one's hands with lucre to enjoy the pleasure of great red wines.
Steven has 3 dogs and two wineglasses that travel with him wherever he goes. (not the dogs, the glasses)
Howie Weinstein 
   Howie is everybody's favorite guy. He is a former options trader who retired a few years ago so he could pursue every hedonistic avenue known to man. To Howie, a good day is spending the day on the golf course, smoking a few cigars, finishing up with a Chinese dinner with a few nightcaps. To make it a GREAT day, there is a lady involved in the dinner and the nightcaps.
At the Nationals in Minneapolis, Howie once ate Chinese food 11 straight nights. This would have been an unequaled record but for the 4 other people who accompanied him.
He has one strange phobia; cheese. Apparently he was attacked as a young boy by some neighborhood cheese bullys and to this day he eats cheeseless pizza
Billy Cohen
Ron Smith