The Sacramento Regional has generously agreed to include a page of information about the 2009 USWBC in its Daily Bulletin, so players at the site will be able to find out about what's happening in the USWBC. For those of you not in Sacramento, we'll be posting each day's bulletin page here for you to download. In addition, we have a pre-tournament Welcome Bulletin, which will be distributed to the players in Sacramento and is available for download in PDF format. Just click on the name of the Bulletin you're interested in to download it (if you get an error, it's because the bulletin you wanted hasn't been produced and uploaded to this site yet - please try again later; the links are here now because that way they'll be here when the bulletins are ready, which should be sometime early in the day)

Pre-Tournament Bulletin

Sunday, 5/24 Bulletin

Monday, 5/25 Bulletin

Tuesday, 5/26 Bulletin

Wednesday, 5/27 Bulletin

Thursday, 5/28 Bulletin

Friday, 5/29 Final Bulletin