Nickell wins Bermuda Bowl Gold;
USA1 wins Silver in Venice Cup

In the Bermuda Bowl, USA2 (Nick Nickell, Ralph Katz, Bob Hamman, Zia Mahmood, Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell, NPC Donna Compton) finished 4th in the Round Robin and defeated Netherlands in the Quarterfinal and China in the Semi-final, before once again defeating Italy in the finals. It was the first Bermuda Bowl win for Zia Mahmood and Ralph Katz. The rest of the players were winning their fourth Bermuda Bowl together.

In the Venice Cup, USA1 (Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer, Irina Levitina & Kerri Sanborn, NPC Sam Dinkin) finished 3rd in the Round Robin and defeated Spain in the Quarterfinal and USA2 in the Semifinal before losing to China in the Final.

USA teams also finished fourth in the Venice Cup and Senior Bowl.

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