About the Players

Zach Brescoll
 {mosimage}  Zach graduated from high school in 2010 and is currently in training to be a real estate appraiser.  Now 20, he has been playing bridge for half his life, having learned from his parents.  He represented the USA in the competition for the Damiani Cup in Beijing in 2008
Adam Kaplan
{mosimage}  Adam has been playing bridge since he was five years old, having learned from his father and grandfather.  He was the ACBL’s youngest life master ever at the age of 10 years and 43 days, a title he lost to his current teammate, Richard Jeng.  Now 16, Adam has been homeschooled and expects to enter college in the fall of 2013.  A regular on the tournament scene, he is a Gold Life Master with several top ten finishes in national events.  A veteran of junior international play, Adam won a Bronze Medal in the under-26 BAM in Istanbul in 2009 and a Silver Medal in the under-21 pairs in Croatia in 2011.
Adam Grossack
{mosimage}  Adam is a 20-year-old sophomore at Brandeis University, a past ACBL King of Bridge and reigning Individual World Champion (U21), a title he won in 2010 in Philadelphia.  Adam started playing at age 8 and won his first sectional at age 11.  He has taught bridge at his middle school, high school, and college, where he is the captain of the Brandeis Bridge Team that will compete for the Collegiate Championship this summer.  His other interests include chess, football, and the Boston Red Sox   
Zach Grossack
 {mosimage} Zach, 14, grew up teasing his mother and brother Adam about their interest in bridge but soon came to share their fascination.  Among his impressive accomplishments in bridge is a fourth-place finish in the Wernher Open Pairs at last summer’s NABC.  Currently he is teaching bridge in the Bridge in Schools Program at his high school, where he is also on the football team.  Zach is an avid fan of Boston sports teams; he also enjoys golf, baseball, and playing the piano.
Andrew & Richard Jeng
Brothers Andrew, 14, and Richard, 12, learned to play about five years ago as part of Atlanta Junior Bridge.  They have dominated the Georgia Youth Swiss Team (four firsts and one second in the past five years) and have performed well in the Georgia Youth Open Pairs (two firsts and two thirds in the past five years).  They have won their district in Flight C for both the North American Pairs and the Grand National Teams.  Andrew and Richard were second in the National Youth Swiss Team in2009 in DC, first in the Barclay Youth Pairs in 2010 in New Orleans, and they won the Young LM Pairs (0-1500) in 2011 at the NABC in Toronto.  Both boys enjoy listening to and playing music:  Andrew plays the violin; Richard, the cello
Tom Carmichael, NPC