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Herman-Tebha System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Cavalier-Hudson System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

About the Players

Greg Herman

Greg Herman, 20, is a first year graduate student at Colorado State University, pursuing a PhD in Atmospheric Science.  His research focuses on the application of statistical methods and machine learning algorithms towards improving short and medium range weather forecasts.

Greg graduated from the University of Washington earlier this year with majors in computer science, atmospheric science, and physics.  While there, he founded a University bridge club, culminating in claiming the collegiate title this summer in Atlanta.  Greg learned to play bridge at 13 from his parents' friends, but did not begin to play seriously until he began university studies at 16.

Anam Tebha
  Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, I first learned to play bridge in Karachi, Pakistan at age sixteen. My first teachers, Khaled Mohiuddin, Hassan Rashid, Mubashir Puri, and Tehsin Gheewala opened a world of opportunity for me and I'll never be able to thank them enough for it. With the help of the Juniors' program on BBO (run by Valerie Westheimer and Hedy Grey) and the newly formed US Junior training program, I've steadily been able to better my game. Being able to get expert opinions from Michael and Debbie Rosenberg, Barry Goren, Marinesa Letizia, Curtis Cheek, and so many others has taught me so much in such a short period of time. I can only hope to do them proud and reward their efforts by continuing to improve.

Since picking up the game, I've tried to go to every Junior event my schedule allowed. I had the good fortune of being able to go to China in 2008, Turkey in 2009, Philadelphia in 2010, Croatia in 2011, and China (again) in 2012 playing for both USA and Pakistan. While I haven't had any major success at these events, each of them changed my life. The experiences, good and bad, I've had because of this game have been one of a kind. Yet, more important than the experiences themselves, are the truly unique personalities I've come across. I'm not sure who I would be without bridge at this point in my life, to be honest.

Currently, I'm a senior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, triple majoring in Microbiology, Psychology, and Chemistry. I have professional goals I'd like to achieve that will probably take time away from bridge, but I plan to play on some serious level for the rest of my life - so it might be hard for some of you to forget me yet. :)
Drew Cavalier
  Drew was born in 1990 and raised in Pensacola, FL. He learned to play bridge when he was 9 years old but didn't learn of the competitive duplicate scene until about 2008. He moved to Huntsville, AL in June 2012 to begin his career in Air Traffic Control. He wouldn't be here today without the hard work of the volunteers who take their own free time to improve and build the U.S. Junior bridge scene. A most special thank you to Carla Burke, former District 9 Youth Bridge Liaison. 
Alex Hudson