2013-U26Kevin Dwyer, Zachary Grossack, Marius Agica, Adam Kaplan, coach Michael Rosenberg, Owen Lien, Adam Grossack

Congratulations to Junior World Champions “War of Roses” team, who won the Gold Medal in the World Youth Open Bridge Championships Friday evening in Atlanta:  Marius Agica, Kevin Dwyer, Adam Grossack, Zachary Grossack, Adam Kaplan, and Owen Lien defeated a strong squad from Australia in the Finals.   Turkey took the Bronze Medal.  The team name “War of Roses” is a tribute to their mentor, Michael Rosenberg.

  2013-U21-1stBurke Snowden, Richard Jeng, Andrew Jeng, Oren Kriegel

In the Youngsters Division (under 21), the USA took both Gold and Silver.  The winners were Andrew Jeng, Richard Jeng, Oren Kriegel, and Burke Snowden.  Silver Medalists were Brandon Harper, Greg Herman, Ben Kristensen, and Ryan Miller.  A team from China won the Bronze Medal, defeating another USA team in the playoff for third.

  2013-U21-2ndBen Kristensen, Brandon Harper, Ryan Miller, Greg Herman

Well done all!!!