The teams in the Senior USBC are seeded based on a combination of ACBL Performance Points & points for excellent performance in the 2012 Senior USBC. The seeding points for an individual player are capped at 50. Teams are seeded based on the average seeding points for the team. The teams and their seed positions are listed in the table below. To see information about each player's ACBL seeding points & 2012 Senior USBC points, download the PDF Spreadsheet of 2013 Senior USBC Seeding Points. To see the ACBL information (masterpoints and ACBL Senior Seeding Points) for players on each of the teams, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a PDF with one page for each player on each team. Teams may  add or drop players before the Senior USBC, which would change the seeding points.

The actual KO seed order will be based on a combination of original seed position and Round Robin finish position, as well as some random shuffles after the qualifiers for the Round of 8 are known. After the Round Robin, each team's Round Robin position will be added to double the team's original seed position to obtain the team's KO "seed position." The teams will be ranked in order of seed position. The teams will then be placed into the Knockout bracket as follows: The team ranked 1 will be #1. The team ranked 2 will be #2. The teams ranked 3 & 4 will be randomly assigned to #3 and #4. The teams ranked 5 & 6 will be randomly assigned to #5 and #6. The teams ranked 7 & 8 will be randomly assigned to #7 and #8.

  Team Name  

   Team Average    
   Seeding Points

       1      Lynch           49.54
       2      Schwartz           43.64
       3      Strul           43.43
       4      Morse           39.54
      5      Levine           39.09
      6      Kasle           33.81
      7      Meltzer           31.64
      8      Street           29.86
      9      Cappelli           18.84
     10      Simson           16.42
     11       Friedland           14.91
     12       Brod           13.17
     13       Lay           12.68