System Information

 Chai-Fashingbauer System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card
 Chang-Zhang System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card, System Notes

About the Players

Christine Chai
Christine Chai Christine Chai, 24, is a 3rd-year PhD student in statistical science at Duke University. She has a relatively short bridge-playing history in America because she just moved to the United States in August 2013. In fact, she currently has less than 100 ACBL masterpoints, giving her an edge to win stratified games.

Christine was born in Massachusetts, but her family moved to Taiwan when she was four. She learned to play bridge at age 16 when she was a freshman in electrical engineering at National Taiwan University, and she started to play seriously when she turned 18.

In 2011, Christine represented Taiwan to play in the Under-21 teams of the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Championships in Malaysia, and her team came in 4th place. In 2013, she was selected to play for Taiwan in the Girls category of the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Youth Championships in Wuhan, China, but she declined the opportunity because she was moving back to the US for graduate studies.

Christine hopes to become a researcher in statistics or data science in the US after she graduates from Duke, and she plans to keep herself involved in duplicate bridge.
Ellie Fashingbauer
Sophia Chang
 Sophia Chang Sophia is fifteen years old and is from Temple City, California.  She is a sophomore in Temple City High. 

She has been playing bridge since she was ten.  She has been playing with her current partner for four years.
Lucy Zhang  
 Lucy Zhang Lucy is 16 years old and is from Arcadia, California. She is currently a junior attending Arcadia High School.

She was introduced to the game by her father at the age of 11 and has been playing ever since. Lucy enjoys playing bridge and wants to introduce the game to more people of all ages.