The teams in the Mixed USBC are seeded based on a combination of Open ACBL Performance Points & Women's ACBL Performance Points. Each man on a team was assigned his Open ACBL Seeding Points, ignoring "alternate" (WBF) points and also deducting any points earned with Fantoni-Nunes, Fisher-Schwartz or Piekarek-Smirnov (the 3 pairs who have been convicted by a bridge organization of cheating) and 50% of points earned with Balicki-Zmudzinski, who have been accused but not convicted by the EBL. Each woman on a team was awarded the greater of her Wagar seeding points or her Open seeding points with the performance points doubled. The seeding points for an individual player are capped at 50. Seeding points from masterpoints are capped at 11, and are calculated using a complex logarithmic formula. Teams are seeded based on the average seeding points for the team. The teams and their seed positions are listed in the table below. To see information about each player's seeding points, download the PDF Spreadsheet of 2016 Mixed USBC Seeding Points. If you want to see the ACBL detail information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; warning - the ACBL data is more complex than usual because of the combined Open and Women's seeding points as well as a bug in the ACBL program that forced us to combine two different sets of seeding points for each of the Open and Women's seeding points. Teams may  add or drop players before the Mixed USBC, which would change the seeding points.

The actual KO bracket order is based on original seed position and random shuffles, as follows: The team ranked 1 will be #1. The team ranked 2 will be #2. The teams ranked 3 & 4 will be randomly assigned to #3 and #4. The teams ranked 5 & 6 will be randomly assigned to #5 and #6. The teams ranked 7 & 8 will be randomly assigned to #7 and #8. The shuffle, done by tossing a coin, left 3 & 4 unchanged and swapped 5 & 6 and 7 & 8. Teams are listed in this table in Seeding Point order and on the teams entered list in bracket order.


  Team Name
Team Average
Seeding Points



37.28 SPs



30.83 SPs



30.65 SPs



30.54 SPs



29.70 SPs



22.97 SPs



5.75 SPs



5.54 SPs