The 2016 Mixed USBC will be covered on BBO Vugraph throughout. We will probably cover 2 matches in the Quarterfinal, which is played on Monday, Aug. 1st. From the Semifinals on, we will cover all of the tables in play. To watch the Vugraph online, go to the BBO website  where you can either log on directly from your browser, go to "Vugraph" and choose which table to watch, or watch from the Windows version of BBO on your computer (if you don't have the Windows version, or don't know what it is, you probably can't use it. If you choose the Windows version, log on, click on the button labeled VUGRAPH and you'll be able to choose which of the USBC matches you want to watch. To watch on your smartphone or tablet, install the BBO app and watch using that.

There will often be a "yellow" user on BBO called USBF. If you have general questions, please ask USBF, not one of the hard-working Vugraph Operators, who may not have time to respond to private messages. Thank you. 

The schedule for the Semi-Finals and Finals is the same (these are Washington times; to see the times for your time-zone, go to the BBO Vugraph schedule site):


The schedule for the Quarterfinal will depend on whether we are able to fit 8 tables with screens into our playing area. If we are, the schedule will be the same as for the Semi-Finals and FInals. If not, the schedule will be:






During the Semifinals and Finals, all of the teams will play the same boards.

During the Quarterfinals, each team will play a different set of boards.

There will probably be live video of 2-4 tables each session. Video from the other tables will be uploaded to YouTube as soon as we can manage.

After a session, you can review the Vugraph action on our Web Vugraphs, which show each hand played with a link to bidding and play records. Take a look at the older events currently available to see what we'll have for the 2016 Mixed USBC. Web Vugraphs are posted about half an hour after completion of the Vugraph show.

You can find the hand records for USBC matches on this site, linked to the bracket sheets you can get to by clicking on 2016MUSBC under "Event Results" in the upper left of each page

If you are going to be in Washington during the Mixed USBC and want to volunteer to help as a Vugraph operator, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The more operators we have, the more tables we can cover!

For operators, here's a longer set of instructions than the one on the table.