Scores for the Women's USBC are posted on this site as soon as they are confirmed. You can find the scores by clicking on 2016 Women's USBC under "Event Results" at the top left of any page and then on the round in which you are interested. Or click below for a direct link to the stages for which we have scores; if you get a 404 error, the segment hasn't yet started.

NOTE: The Quarterfinal stage of the event is being played with a "knock-in" format and will have two head to head matches on the first day and one head to head on the second day. We didn't consider this format when setting up the software to display results, so don't have the ability to call two different sets of matches "Round of 8." To display the scores from the Quarterfinals, we are calling the first day the Round of 16 and the second day the Round of 8.


Round of 16 Scores

Quarterfinal Scores

Semifinal Scores

Final Scores