Congratulations to the winners in all 4 divisions of the Michael Seamon Junior USBC:


Under 26, who will be USA1 for the Patiño Cup: Adam Kaplan-Christian Jolly,
                  Zach Grossack-Oren Kriegel, Ben Kristensen-Kevin Rosenberg:


2018 Patino team 2

          Ben Kristensen, Adam Kaplan, Zack Grossack, Christian Jolly, Kevin Rosenberg, Oren Kriegel, photo by Bo Xiao


Under 21, who will be USA1 for the Damiani Cup: Brent Xiao-Kevin Huang,
                 Cornelius Duffie-Richard Jeng-SarahYougquist


2018 Damiani Team

                              Sarah Youngquist, Kevin Huang, Richard Jeng, Brent Xiao, Cornelius Duffie, photo by Sylvia Shi


Under 16, who will be USA for the Koç University Cup:
Rory Xiao-Jonathan Yue-Harrison Luba, Michael Hu-Arthur Zhou


2018 U16 team

                                  Harrison Luba, Rory Xiao, Michael Hu, Arthur Zhou, Jonathan Yue, photo by Bo Xiao


Young Women under 26, who will be USA for the Rona Cup: Isha Thapa-Amber Lin,
                                           Sophia Chang-Lucy Zhang


2018 Rona Team

                                             Sophia Chang, Lucy Zhang, Isha Thapa, Amber Lin, photo by Sylvia Shi