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Harris-Morgan System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Lo-Liu-Barron System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card

Barron-Morgan System Summary Form, ACBL Convention Card


About the Players

Marty Harris

Age:    53
Lives in:    Chicago, IL  
Grew up in:    Beachwood, Ohio  
Occupation:    Attorney.  Marty handles employment-related lawsuits everywhere in the U.S.  Mainly, he defends companies when they are sued for discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, or the like.  He also litigates cases involving non-compete agreements or corporate “raiding.”  Sometimes he represents individual executives or traders, negotiating their employment contracts and severance packages.  And he is the USBF’s attorney.  
            Seven years ago, Marty started his own firm:  Harris & Affiliates, Ltd.  Before that, he was a partner in a boutique law firm.  He still has never lost a case in his entire career.         

Bridge highlights:    Marty has won three restricted NABC events (0 to 5000), but still seeks his maiden win in an open NABC+ competition.  He has come close several times, including a 2nd place finish in the Open Swiss, and 4th place in both the Swiss and the IMP Pairs.  He’s had less success in national KOs, twice reaching R.8 in the Trials, and once reaching R.16 in the Spingold.

Other hobbies:    Marty is an aspiring author.  In his spare time he’s trying to write a novel (a courtroom drama), and previously he created a murder mystery board game.  He also enjoys playing and watching many sports, along with other card games and board games.

Jake Morgan
Jake Morgan


Age:    40
Lives in:    Madison, WI
Occupation:    Fulltime bridge player and teacher.  

Bridge highlights:    Several top 10 finishes in the Barry Crane 500 race.  Won the Open Swiss. Also has several 2nd place results, including the Spingold (lost in OT), and twice in the Open Swiss.  

Other hobbies:        Poker and blackjack.

Ai-Tai Lo
Howard Liu
 Howard Liu


Jay Barron
 Jay Barron