After completion of the 2017 Vanderbilt, we know that for the 2017 USBC:

Diamond & Nickell will have a bye to the Round of 8; Nickell will be the 1 seed as a result of the Positioning Points earned by winning the Vanderbilt; Diamond will be the 2 seed.

Fleisher & Fireman will have byes to the Round of 16 and will be the 3 & 4 seeds in the 2017 USBC (3 & 4 will be randomly assigned).

ten Round Robin teams will qualify for the USA1 Round of 16, joining Fleisher & Fireman. The next 4 Round Robin teams will qualify for the USA2 Round of 64 and will play head to head matches to qualify 2 of them to join the 6 USA1 Round of 16 losers in the USA2 Round of 32.

All of this assumes that 15-20 teams (including the 4 teams with byes) will enter the 2017 Open USBC. A larger or smaller entry size would change the format.