All of the 2017 Senior USBC will be covered on BBO Vugraph. We hope to cover all of the tables in USA1 from the Quarterfinals on, as well as all the tables in the USA2 Semifinal & Final. If we have enough operators, we will also cover some earlier USA2 rounds. 2 tables will have streaming video, and the other tables will have video uploaded after the day is over. To watch the Vugraph online, go to the BBO website  where you can log on directly from your browser, go to "Vugraph" and choose which table to watch. If you prefer to use the Windows version of BBO, after you log on, click on the button or line labeled VUGRAPH and you'll be able to choose which of the Senior USBC matches you want to watch.

There will usually be a "yellow" user on BBO called USBF. If you have general questions, please ask USBF, not one of the hard-working Vugraph Operators, who may not have time to respond to private messages. Thank you. 

Each day's schedule is about the same (these are Chicago times; to see the times for your time-zone, go to the BBO Vugraph schedule site):

10:00 - 12:10: Segment 1
12:20 - 2:30: Segment 2
 3:45 - 5:55: Segment 3
 6:10 - 8:20: Segment 4

 On Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday, when a new match starts in the middle of the day, the third and fourth segmets will be at:

 4:00 - 6:10: Segment 3
 6:20 - 8:30: Segment 4

Segments 2 and 4 may start a little earlier or later than they are scheduled depending on when segments 1 and 3 end.

All of the teams will play the same boards, and for security reasons, if the matches do not all start at the same time, we will not start the Vugraph broadcast until all matches have started play.

Hints for BBO viewers

Useful information is available to browser BBO users [and perhaps some mobile bbo users]

 click on the name of the table/event name will provide a pop-up that:

* displays the BBO Schedule for the specific vugraph event – calculated for the time zone of the viewer’s electronic device

* has a link to the home page for event

click on a player name will usually provide a pop-up that 

* displays a picture of the player

* shows links to System Summary Forms (SSFs), Convention Cards (CCs), and biographical information


VIDEO:  Live video streaming is not available for this event.


After a session, you can review the Vugraph action on our Web Vugraphs, which show each hand played with a link to bidding and play records. Take a look at the  events currently available to see what we'll have for the 2016 Senior USBC. Web Vugraphs are posted within about an hour of completion of the Vugraph show.

If you are going to be in Chicago during the Senior USBC and want to volunteer to help as a Vugraph operator, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Vugraph operator instructions in PDF format