When Can You Kibitz in the Playing Rooms?

You will be able to kibitz at any of the tables during this event, except in the Closed Room during the final sequestered matches of the Round Robin. However, you will be subject to the following regulations:

Kibitzers may enter the room ONLY at the start of play for a segment. Once play has started, the room will be closed. 

A kibitzer who leaves the room may not return until the start of the next segment.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the playing rooms, even if they are turned off. Any kibitzer who is found with a cell phone wil be evicted and not allowed to kibitz during the remainder of the tournament.

When a match is being shown on BBO Vugraph, no kibitzer may sit on the same side of the table as the Vugraph operator. 


All of the USBC is played with screens. If you've never kibitzed at a table with screens before, you need to know that it is quite different from kibitzing at a regular table. You need to be seated at an "open" corner of the table (not next to the screen) in order to see much, and once there are 4 kibitzers at a table it will be very hard for additional kibitzers to see.

USBC Kibitzing Rules

The USBF General Conditions of Contest contain specific rules about kibitzers. They are designed to promote security at the tournament and are set forth in the conditions of contest section labeled "Security." They are:

General Rules

a.     During any use of duplicated boards across multiple matches, Kibitzers must select one table for kibitzing and may not move to any other table during a session or segment.

b.     Kibitzers may not speak with players, must watch only one hand at a time, may not sit in such a position as to see more than one hand at a time, may not sit in such a position as to see a computer screen in use for Internet broadcast, must check communication devices with the Director, cannot call attention to irregularities other than a board being placed incorrectly on the table (arrow positioning), but may serve as witnesses to a possible irregularity.

c.     Kibitzers must enter the playing room before play commences. Kibitzers are required to remain until the segment of play is completed at the table they are watching or to leave the playing area entirely. Kibitzers are expected to abide by the same rules as the players regarding leaving the room (e.g. be escorted to the restroom).

d.     Except as expressly provided in these conditions and appendices, NPC’s shall be subject to the WBF General Conditions, Section 17.

e.     No one other than the Internet broadcast personnel and Tournament Directors may watch any computer screen or any other mechanism for enabling the Internet broadcast at any time in either the Closed or the Open Room.

f.      These rules may be revised in specific instances by the DICs for the orderly running of the event.